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Empowering People Of All Walks Of Life To Live A Victorious Life


 Kimberly Latrice Delaney is the CEO of Kimberly Delaney Enterprises LLC. Kimberly Delaney Enterprises LLC is making a positive, impactful, and powerful impact in the life, relationships, ministry, and business of people, not just locally but globally, with Godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding she is effectively empowering, equipping, educating, instructing, motivating, inspiring, building, developing, and activating people so your mind and life can be transformed (changed) in a positive way, to be effective LEADERS and to live a holy, blessed, healthy, victorious, and abundant life as they make the word of God applicable to their life. 

Kimberly Delaney Enterprises LLC offers products, Empowerment CD's, workshops, seminars, and Powerful, Outstanding, Amazing, Awesome, and Extraordinary Kingdom networking opportunities that can help you to succeed, grow, mature, and excel in business, ministry, life, career, family, and in relationships ordained by God.

Kimberly Delaney Enterprises LLC believes in operating according to Godly principles, and Godly character, we believe in serving with excellence, professionalism ,and operating in Godly character and Godly integrity. Kimberly Delaney Enterprises LLC was designed and created to Praise and Worship God, empower , equip, educate , train, instruct, inspire, motivate, develop, and activate you so that you can maximize your God given potential and every area of your life that God has ordained for you to maximize. Kimberly Delaney Enterprises LLC was designed and created with God and you in mind. 

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  • " You are a blessing to the Kingdom Apostle! "
    Dr. Rosalyn Denise Bagby
  • "Apostle Delaney prayed for me and my son, she said I see you getting increase and GOD protecting your son. I obeyed God and I received a raise on my job bigger than anyone else ..."
    Rutenia Stubbins
    Professional Cook
  • "Apostle Delaney you are awesome, we thank God for allowing us to meet you. "
    Glorious Praise Pantomime Ministry
    Ministers Of The Gospel

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